Welcome to Chichester Uke Jam website

Chichester Uke Jam is a new club situated at South Downs Holiday Village in Bracklesham Bay, nr Chichester, West Sussex and starts on 27th January 2016

We will then be meeting on 4th Wednesdays of each month, where all can play their own instruments in the company of others who just want ‘jam along.

There will also be instruments available to purchase.

You do not have to be a talented musician, in fact the Chichester Uke Jam is for the very opposite!

All abilities are very welcome and we do not go around the room expecting you to play solo! We all play together and if you go wrong, no problem. If you have never even played the ukulele before, you are very welcome to come along and see if it is for you.

The playlist sessions will be by means of scrolling songs with chords projected on to a large screen for all to see. There will also be a printed songbook available to purchase.

For further information contact:  antony.hawkes@richardsonsgroup.net
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August Jam

Many thanks for supporting the session last night, fantastic turn-out for the Summer and pretty satisfying with one notable exception – a song that I never thought could be ‘the ruin of every poor Uke Jam’ but it had a good try!

I plan to add some songs to the original Chi Uke Jam Songbook and would be happy to include your nominations over the coming months, some from the new tunes we’ve tried over the last few months, some of your favourites from Jim Carey’s songbook (and connected lists!) and any others you come up with that we can try as a group and work into our overall repertoire.

If you would like to email any suggestions over, either complete or as a reference from another songlist, that would be fine. I’ll pull out two or three each month to run past the group and we can agree to include (or otherwise!)

Next Jam will be Wed 28th September, the Wednesday after the South Downs Uke Festival, so if we have any finger tips left we can play on…

Housekeeping note: Head Chef back from holiday by then so imaginative sandwiches back on the menu

Thanks again for your support, see you over the next few weeks or on the 23rd or the 28th Sept.


June Jam

Hi All, many thanks to everyone who supported the June Jam at South Downs and for some great renditions in the second half and some very entertaining open mics!

I have finally had some feedback from a number of you, not only with some great ideas for songs (thanks Mark!) but also with some very helpful thoughts on the format for our Jam Nights.

After a few efforts at getting eight new songs under our fingers between events it is obvious that we are not really enjoying quite such a challenge! (I hope I’m not just speaking for myself here!) It is probably turning what is supposed to be fun into hard work and a lot of stress – I know it is for me, as a relative beginner.

What seemed to come out of the ideas I listened to was the feeling that a couple of new songs each month would be good, with the rest of the evening being spent playing some old favourites and ones that people know and can just get on with. My thoughts on that are, (1) Fantastic, lots less work for me (!) and, (2) perhaps we could do one new one after a few warm-up songs in the first half and one in the second half. Hopefully that way the evening will flow better?

What do you think? I’d like to keep the open mic spot for just after the refreshment break, for those who feel so inclined, I hope you agree that it is an opportunity to perform to a friendly audience?

Please let me have your thoughts, I really enjoy organising the event but as I’ve said on many occasions, I need your input and I don’t want to dictate the format, just provide a framework for you to play with!

So, that said, the next Jam at South Downs will be the 27th July at the usual time of 7 for 7.30 start and I hope to see lots of you then.

Meanwhile I am going to send out a couple of new songs that have been suggested as our ‘homework’ before the next Jam – I’ll send them around in the next few days – giving you loads of time to listen to them and learn.

As always, thanks for your tremendous support and please, please, let me have your thoughts….

May 25th Jam

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who came along last night, great evening of varied and fun stuff, I thought! Hope you all agree. Apart from a minor delay all seemed to work well and it was great to see new faces stepping up and performing. I know it is encouraging others to have a go and that is really good because although there is absolutely no pressure to ‘expose’ yourself like that it does feel good if it goes even reasonably well! The song choices were really good and all, I would say, are songs you just don’t hear at Jams on a regular basis, if at all.

The songlist for June 8th is listed below and I’ll send out some pages in the next couple of days for those who cannot access the Jim Carey songbook.

If you feel any of them are awful, or need to be in a different key, please shout because as I said last night, I don’t want to be a dictator, input from the participants is encouraged in every way!

Also, if you have any that we have done in previous jam nights that you’d like to do again, either scribble them on the board on the night, or let me know beforehand and I’ll let everyone know.

1. California Dreaming – (Am) Page 223
2. Cats in the Cradle – Page 234
3. Cathy’s Clown – Page 235
4. Cecilia – (C) 236; (G) 237
5. Chattanooga Choo Choo – (D) 243
6. Dedicated Follower of Fashion – 305 (Fourth Chord Box shown should be Bb7)
7. (Please) Don’t let me be misunderstood – 334
8. Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree – 339
Plenty of variety there! Not sure about Cat’s in the Cradle, lovely song but not the easiest, especially if you don’t really know it! Rewarding though, if you can get it under your fingers.
Hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes, Ant

April Jam

Great fun last week – hope you enjoyed the new technology!

Thanks to all the supporters of last week’s Ukulele Jam at South Downs, it seemed to go pretty well and it was great to have a lot of help with counting in and intros – I still believe they are really important.

To all the brave ‘open-mic-ers’ – brilliant stuff! Dave, Dave, Dave, Joe and Sally – you’re an inspiration and encouragement more than you probably realise.

We know that type of exposure isn’t right for everyone but I’m sure the list will grow, with such a supportive group of people it is such a good way to start performing. A few other members of the jam have already said they are working towards getting up and having a go, try it, it can give you a real buzz once you’ve done it.

The chords and words brought by Joe were also great, the joining in – most of us with the familiar chorus at first – was a good feature of the evening. Many more memory sticks are welcome, whether for sing-along open mic or for the last part with requests and suggestions.

Hope to see you on May 25th same time same place – first half playlist will be coming round by the end of the week, with luck!

Happy strumming! Ant

March Jam

Hi All,

A belated (I’ve been over in Ireland for a few days) thank you to you all for your support of last week’s jam at South Downs.I hope things seemed a little more organised?!!

Really appreciate those brave enough to stand up in front of what I have to say is a great audience, for the open mic spot. As I said on the night, it would be great for anyone wishing to perform but happy for the rest of the gathering to join in, to provide a memory stick of some kind with the words and chords or a printed version (I’m happy to copy and distribute to the crowd) so all can get involved.
Either way I hope you would all like to keep this spot going?

For the second half, the same applies, if you have material you would like to introduce us to, bring it along! Nothing too demanding but the occasional testing number does us no harm…..
Other than that if you could have in mind a few numbers for the second half that would be great to keep things moving and if you could stick them up on the white board as early as possible I can plan to find them!
I’ll send out a playlist for April later this week, any suggestions for that gratefully received in advance.

Don’t be too early next time (27th April) as I won’t be ready until 7pm (ish). I probably won’t have the shop set up or a raffle next time – but don’t forget if you fancy a look at the full range of ‘Unique Ukes’ any time, just let me know and you can pop round for a coffee to String Studio and try a few out! No obligation to buy! The Ukes are always half RSP but currently have a further 10% off.

Thanks again, looking forward to the next one! See some of you at Chi on the 7th, hopefully.

February Jam

February Jam at South Downs
Another great turn-out to the monthly Jam at South Downs Holiday Village Rendezvous Coffee Shop saw us trying to squeeze an ambitious playlist into the first half – and failing! It was fun trying and we all learned a lot. Still a way to go but with some great ideas from those attending we hope that March will see a manageable list for the first half and technology that helps rather than hinders….
After the refreshments, the ‘open mic’ session was great and we heard some lovely renditions of four songs, some well-known, some not and one well-known protest song but with some great ‘localised’ word changes from Dave H. It was good to hear everyone joining in with the choruses! That’s the spirit.
Requests followed, including having a go at a couple of the missed songs from the first half playlist.
For March we have a shorter first half playlist with a gentle start and a bit less complexity! We also have a revamped scrolling system which will include all the songs in one place and all the choruses in all the songs! That should help…. Watch this space for the playlist – it will also be emailed around with suggested strumming patterns and intros/outros for each song. This should be with you by Monday 7th if you are on the mailing list.
Anyone wanting a print-out of the March playlist can just pop into South Downs Reception any time after the 8th and collect one. Please note it is not the same as the one issued at the last Jam! Please keep that for a rainy day or bring it with you if you’d like to play one of the songs in it during the second half of the evening.
Thanks to you all for the great support.
Ant Hawkes – Head Jam Make

Bracklesham Bay Uke Jam – 27th January 7.30pm

Venue South Downs Holiday Village – Rendezvous Café

Playlist for first part of the evening:

Some songs taken from Worthing Uke Jam Songbooks – Wukulele – available on-line (Wuk 1 indicates first songbook – they have about 17 of them!)

  1. Blowing in the Wind – Wuk 1 or Song 45 in Chi Uke Jam book – Chords C,F,G7

  2. Fisherman’s Blues – Wuk 1 or Song 14 – Chords G,C,F,Am

  3. Jolene – Wuk 1 – Chords Am, C, G, Em7

  4. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby – Wuk 1 – extra chords to any of the above – E7 and D7

  5. Daydream – Wuk 1 – Chords easy!

  6. Hit The Road Jack – Wuk 2 – Chords G, Am, F and E7

  7. Green Door – Wuk 2 – Chords A, E7, D and A7

  8. Valerie – Wuk 2 – Chords C, Dm, F, Am, G

  9. I Can See Clearly Now – Wuk 2 – Chords D, G, A, C, C#m and Bm

  10. David Bowie Tribute – The Man Who Sold The World – Wuk 2 – Chords Dm, A7, F, C and Bbm6

  11. Under The Boardwalk – Wuk 2 and Song 47

  12. Glenn Frey Tribute – Hotel California – Wuk 14 – Chords Am, E7, F, G, C, D and Dm

After that, coffee and sandwiches and then on to memory sticks, requests etc!

See you next Wednesday – all welcome!

New Uke Club

The new Barnham Ukulele Group we are very excited about our opening night on Tuesday 18th August.  We are on Facebook and I am putting together a web blog for the group too, will confirm details as soon as I can.

Opening night Tuesday 18th August at The Old Stables, Fontwell Park, Fontwell Ave, Fontwell.at 8pm.